1. lukeslog said: seems like you make pokemon and tf2 cartoons in your own free time. that’s fine man, but to denounce someone else for doing something similar and call yourself a man of integrity is super pretentious

Ok, let me break it down for you to understand; To me, This ‘just a mask thing’ is a fad that everyone wants to get in on, its the new flavour of the month thing, it’s stupid. It isn’t funny.

The first one done by Bowz was alright, but then everyone else started jumping on it and it got boring. Fast.

'Oh gee! I wonder what meme/character/character is going to come up when the mask is taken off this time! HAHA! So original!'

As for your snip at my stuff, do you see those toons you mentioned being animated to exactly the same thing that everyone else has done? Same audio, same relative plot and actions? Hmmmm

I hope I’ve somewhat proved my point.